"Rock" not "Roll"

Left or Right Discharge “Rock not Roll” Bale Processor Built to Handle The Toughest Conditions


The new look Degelman RENN Bale Processor

The perfect bale processor for every bale. Unlike machines that unroll the bale in a processing chamber, RENN Bale Processors use the unique “Rock Not Roll” Cradle to steadily feed baleage, hay or straw bales into a set of spinning hammers that shred and chop at a steady pace. A secondary chopper isn’t required.


Back up, lift, drop and shred. Load any size or shape round bale. Bales can land upside down or backwards. The legendary RENN Rocking Cradle carries the bale over the hammers giving consistent feeding. No need to stop and reverse the bale. Smooth constant rocking action with no belts and chains.

The RENN Bale Processor offers Right or Left-hand Discharge models.

Designed for baleage with heavy frame and the Baleage Pro Cradle System. Feed baleage or dry hay and spread straw with one machine.



Features (Model Specific)

  • Exclusive rocking cradle design handles all types of bales
  • Process high moisture hay and silage bales
  • Left or Right discharge
  • Load up to 20 small square bales
  • Full adjustable loading forks handle all sizes of bales
  • Simple hydraulic valving activates cradle rock and speed
  • Easy cradle travel adjustment
  • Built in PTO shaft & hydraulic hose storage bracket
  • No belts, no chains.
  • Hydraulic lift available
  • Unibody frame construction with high clearance
  • Deflector windrows product or feeds directly into bunks
  • Easy access to shear pin
  • Remove twine through access door opposite of discharge
  • Optional hydraulic deflector lift
  • Fully adjustable clevis hitch

Models 937, 938

  • PTO 1-3/8", 21 Spline 1000 RPM CV.
  • 25" Rotor Swing Diameter
  • 5/8" x 2" x 5-3/4" Hammer Size
  • 96" Wheel Track
  • Heavy Duty Hitch Jack with Lock Arm
  • Adjustable Hitch with Heavy Duty Clevis and Safety Chain

Features (Model 978)

  • Loads and processes 1 large square or 2 round bales at a time.
  • Hydraulic Clamping Forks – specially designed for large square bales.
  • American Farmer 16.5L – 16.1SL Traction Implement Tires.

RENN Bale Processors Specifications

Model 937 938
Overall Length 193" 193"
Width 136" 136"
Height (body only) 98" 98"
Tires 14L x 16.1  16.5L-16.1 10 Ply
Empty Weight 5,675 lbs 5,750 lbs
PTO 1 3/8, 21 spline
1000 RPM CV
Heavy Duty Hitch Jack
Adjustable Hitch w/ Heavy Duty Clevis
& DOT Safety Chain
Hydraulic Circuits Required (w/o options) 2 3
Chamber Length 95" 95"
Rotor Swing Diameter 25 1/8"  25 1/8"
No. of Hammers 32 32
LED Transport Lights Standard Standard
Rotor Length 83" 83"
Wheel Track 96" 96"
Min. Horsepower 120 hp 120 hp
Hydraulic Deflector Lift Optional Optional
Discharge Side Left Right

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