The Ultimate in Grain Processing Effeciency

Roll and Store Grain with a RENN Bagger Mill

You can roll and store high-moisture grain all at the same time with a RENN Bagger Mill for ultimate grain processing efficiency.

RENN Bagger Mills offer the same durability and advanced grain rolling technology of RENN Roller Mills, combined with the smooth and efficient grain bag loading capabilities of a RENN Grain Bagger. The RENN Bagger Mill allows you to roll and store high-moisture grain economically in 4', 5’, 6.5’, or 8’ diameter grain bags, while choosing from a full range of options to precisely match your grain processing needs.

Maximum Production with Less Horsepower

The heart of the Bagger Mill features precision-machined, dynamically-balanced 16” diameter steel rolls with large diameter removable shafts that provide maximum production with less horsepower. Rolls are available in steel and chill-cast. Roll configurations range from 4 to 15 grooves per square inch.

Rolling high-moisture grain prior to storage allows nutrients to become readily available and ensures high-quality silage feed is produced. 

Smooth, Efficient Loading and Storage

Over the past 15 years, RENN has developed a unique grain tunnel and loading system that allows for smooth and efficient loading and packing of high-moisture grain. Grain placement, hydraulic brake pressure, and loading pressure create a well-packed, consistent product.

RENN Bagger Mills are available in 24”, 30”, and 36” Roller Mill configurations and a 5’, 6.5’, or 8’ grain tunnel.

Features of a RENN Bagger Mill

  • 16″ diameter dynamically-balanced rolls
  • Removable roll shafts with industrial ball bearings
  • Heavy-duty leaf spring roll protection
  • Worm drive roll adjustment
  • 540 PTO with shear protection
  • Cut away frame allows for fast and simple removal of rolls
  • Tip-up top hopper hinged for fast and easy access to rolls
  • Plate magnets
  • Top hopper feed gate control
  • Belt-driven packing auger
  • Hydraulic height adjustment
  • Traction tires with hydraulic disc brakes
  • Over center locking bag pan adjustment
  • Bag control harness with ratchet straps


Optional RENN 40% Differential Drive

An optional RENN 40% Differential Drive can be added with idler and driver rolls positively driven at two separate speeds for optimal particle reduction. The largest differential in the industry, the RENN 40% Differential Drive also provides self-cleaning to prevent plugging.


Bagger Mill Specifications

Model RBA 30
Bagger Mill
Rolls 30" x 16" 
Shaft Diameter,
1:1 drive
2 7/16"
Shaft Diamater,
Speed Differential
2 15/16"
Belt Drive CCx8
Minimum HP Requirements
PTO 1:1 Drive 80           
Differential Drive 115
Maximum Rated Capacity
Corn 68
Oats 10.4
Wheat 32.6
Barley     17.4
* Maximum rated capacities are based on dry grain, capacity will change with moisture content and particle size reduction
PTO 1:1 Drive 540
PTO Differential Drive 540 or 1000
Packing Auger 10"
Bag Size                       4', 5', 6.5', 8'

Contact RENN or one of our knowledgeable distributors, and let us help you choose the right options and specifications to provide you with a RENN Mill or Grain Storage System designed to match your needs.

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Equipment specifications subject to change without notice.