Fast, Simple Grain Bag Unloading & Recycling

At RENN we understand that loading the grain bag is only part of the story – unloading and recycling the empty grain bag are also crucial steps in the process.

RENN has responded to the needs of farmers by drawing on decades of manufacturing experience to design and build Grain Bag Unloaders that are easy to use and offer exceptional plastic management.

RENN Grain Bag Unloaders can unload 9', 10', and 12' diameter bags with minimal power requirement.

As the bag is lifted and pulled onto the drive spools, it is gently guided into place by the RENN roller and hold down system – reducing stress on the bag and helping prevent spillage. RENN's continuous-flow unloading system effortlessly draws the Unloader and power unit into the bag, while quickly unloading the bag contents through high-capacity discharge augers.

grain bag unloader in action

recycle ready plastic management systemSuperior Plastic Management

The RENN Onboard Recycle-Ready Plastic Management System uses RENN’s unique hydraulic ratchet system to wind the spent bag onto rear rewind spools, keeping the plastic clean for recycling. Once unloading is complete, the plastic is rewound into a recycle-ready package, which slides easily off the collapsible rewind spool. Operators appreciate the time savings and simplicity of this grain bag windup system. The RGU 1218 CD Grain Bag Unloader has been designed to carry and process an entire 12’ x 500’ grain bag.

Switching from transport to operating mode is a simple task requiring minimum effort and no tools; the operator just backs into the grain bag and lowers the machine. 

Designed and built to operate in Western Canada’s harshest field and weather conditions, RENN Unloaders allow farmers to empty a grain bag anywhere, at any time, efficiently and with minimal effort.

FBU 1014 Unloader

FBU 1014 unloaderThe RENN FBU 1014 Unloader has many of the same operational features as the RENN 1214 CD and RGU 1218 CD, and smoothly unloads 9' and 10' grain bags. The FBU 1014 has a volumetrically balanced grain transfer box that easily moves grain into the 14″ boost auger, then into a 12″ folding discharge auger to maximize capacity and efficiency.


Unloader Features:

  • 540 PTO (RGU 1214 CD & FBU 1014) or 1000 PTO (RGU 1218 CD) PTO with shear bolt protection
  • Mechanically driven inclined discharge auger with CV joint
  • Left-hand or right-hand discharge (right-hand only on FBU 1014)
  • 14″ - 18” discharge auger
  • 9″ - 11” sweep auger
  • Bag hold down frame
  • Bag control rollers
  • Bag lift roll
  • Bag separation knives
  • Hydraulic ratcheting bag collection
  • Hydraulic rewind spool (optional on FBU 1014)


Grain Bag Unloader Specifications:  

FBU 1014

Lift Auger (in.) 14
Folding Discharge Auger (in.) 12
Sweep Auger (in.) 9
Horizontal Discharge Auger (in.) N/A
Discharge Reach (in.) 173
Transport Height (in.) 96
Transport Width (in.) 115
Maximum Rated Capacity 150 bu./min
4 t/min. 
Tire Size 12 - 16.5 6 Bolt
Minimum HP 50
Minimum Hydraulic Gal./Min. 4

RGU 1218 CD

Lift Auger (in.) 18
Folding Discharge Auger (in.) N/A
Sweep Auger (in.) 11
Horizontal Discharge Auger (in.) 12
Discharge Reach (in.) 194
Transport Height (in.) 144
Transport Width (in.) 105
Maximum Rated Capacity 250 bu./min
6.8 t/min. 
Tire Size 12.5 x 16" 6 Bolt Rim
Minimum HP 100
Minimum Hydraulic Gal./Min. 10

1218 CD unloader

Model 1218 CD


Farm Boy Unloader

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