Faster, Smoother Grain Bag Loading

Save Time and Money with a RENN Grain Bagger

RENN Grain Bagging lineup expands: Introducing the RGB 1016T

We are excited to welcome the newest grain bagger to the RENN lineup: The RENN GRAIN BAGGER 1016T. It adds a convenient on-board telescopic swing auger to the proven RENN grain bagging system in a compact, easy to transport machine.  A hydraulic folding in-feed auger transforms the RGB 1016T from transport mode to operating mode in seconds. 

The unique design features of RENN’s durable, large-capacity Grain Baggers optimize operator efficiency by providing smooth, fast loading of 10’ and 12’ diameter grain bags.

The new RGB 1016T and RGB 1020C are RENN’s standard Grain Baggers for loading bags 10’ in diameter. For large operations that need to store higher volumes of dry grain, the RENN RGB 1220 is ideal, allowing you to efficiently load a 12’ diameter grain bag.

RENN customers store millions of tonnes of grain every year with our 12’ system – maximizing productivity by storing more grain per bag and reducing set up time. 

Faster, Smoother Grain Bag Loading…Minimize Risk of Bag Tears and Spills

The unique, low-profile design of the RENN Bagger tunnel resembles the natural shape of a filled grain bag for smoother filling and less stress on the bag – minimizing the risk of tears and spills. RENN Grain Baggers allow farmers to reduce downtime with unique features such as our bag cradle, control harness, and crane system that work together to lift and place heavy grain bags on the tunnel, gently and easily.

The full-length auger design of the RENN Grain Bagger ensures the fill point of the hydraulic feed conveyor is low to the ground. This gives the operator maximum bagger travel from a single unloading point, eliminating the need to continually move the grain truck or cart during the bagging process. When bagging is completed, the conveyor hydraulically lifts off the bagger for transport.

Optional RENN Grain Bagger Features Include:

  • An 8' x 8' surge hopper for grain cart or direct combine loading into the Bagger
  • A 30" x 24" telescoping hydraulic belt conveyor with fully-integrated hydraulics, a raise-and-move kit, and walkover safety bridge

The Only 12’ Bagger That’s Easy to Transport

RENN is the only manufacturer to design and build a transport system that overcomes the challenges of moving a large-capacity grain bagger. The patented RENN Integrated Transport System means a RENN Grain Bagger can be folded in minutes, ready for safe and easy transport to the next field. 

Standard Features of the RENN Grain Bagger:

  • 540 PTO with shear bolt protection
  • Direct drive inclined extended filling auger
  • Internally mounted auger bearings for bearing protection
  • Traction tires with disc brakes
  • Rotating bag boom with cable winch – 10′ model only
  • Rotating bag crane with electric winch – 12′ model only
  • Bag cradle that places the grain bag on the tunnel
  • Bag control harness with ratchet strap
  • Over center locking bag pan height control lever
  • Low profile extended tunnel design to minimize bag stress
  • Folding auger for transport - 12' model only
  • Integrated transport system – 12′ model only
  • Low conveyor fill point for maximum loading efficiency (RGB 1016 & RGB 1220 model only)
  • Externally mounted operating wheels for bagger stability
  • Hydraulic Bag Winch Kit available (10’ model only)


Model RGB 1020C

Tunnel Size 10'
Auger Diameter 20"
Auger Size 1⁄4
Auger Drive Direct Drive
PTO 540
Brakes Disc
Tire Size 32" x 11.5" x 15"
Surge Hopper 8' x 8' offset
Weight 3460
Max Rated Load Capacity * 33,000 bu/hr.
Operating Width 191"
Transport Width with Hopper 191"
Transport Width w/o Hopper 191"

*Based on Surge Hopper Loading 


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Equipment specifications subject to change without notice.

Model RGB 1016T

Tunnel Size 10'
Auger Diameter 16"
Auger Size 3⁄16
Auger Drive Direct Drive
PTO 540
Brakes Disc
Tire Size 32" x 11.5" x 15"
Surge Hopper 8' x 8'
Weight  6575
Max Rated Load Capacity * 18,000 bu/hr.
Operating Width  
Transport Width with Hopper  162"
 Augerr Min. Hyd.  20 GPM
Auger Size 12" x 13'
Auger Travel (Radial)  


Model RGB 1220

Tunnel Size 12'
Auger Diameter 20"
Auger Size 1⁄4
Auger Drive Direct Drive
PTO 540
Brakes Disc
Tire Size 32" x 11.5" x 15"
Surge Hopper 8' x 8' offset
Weight 6825
Max Rated Load Capacity * 33,000 bu/hr.
Operating Width 217"
Transport Width with Hopper 139"
Transport Width w/o Hopper 105"
Conveyor Min. Hyd. 18 GPM
Conveyor Travel (Telescope) 96"
Conveyor Travel (Radial) 175"