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Get the Grain Processing Quality You Want with RENN Roller Mills

RENN Roller Mills can be tailored to meet the needs of any grain processing application.

We offer two different types of rolls – steel or cast; multiple roll configurations ranging from 4 to 15 grooves per square inch depending on the particle size you require – and a variety of input and discharge options, including our Elevator Discharge or Crimper Mill, Blower Discharge Mill, Conveyor Discharge Mill, Electric Roller Mill, and Auger Discharge Mill. We offer so many choices so that we can build a Roller Mill that is perfectly designed to consistently meet the specific grain processing needs of your dairy or beef herd.

Whether you need a coarse crack or a fine grind, our Roller Mills consistently produce the high-quality feed that farmers have come to expect from RENN.

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Maximize Productivity

RENN Roller Mills have a proven record of excellence in the grain processing industry for maximizing productivity while providing durable, consistent performance and easy serviceability.

For 60 years the heart of the RENN Roller Mill has been its precision-machined 16" diameter rolls, which provide more grain rolling area per revolution compared to other brands of roller mills with smaller diameter rolls. RENN Roller Mills save time and money year after year by rolling more grain per hour with less horsepower.

RENN’s unique, centrifugally-poured, chill-cast rolls are its latest advancement in rolling technology, giving you the long-wearing durability of cast rolls with the enhanced serviceability of removable shafts and end plates. 

Lower Power Requirement

Unlike conventional, solid-core cast rolls, our 16” diameter casting with a 3” thick sidewall provides the performance of  chill-cast rolls with the advantage of a lower power requirement and better economics, as you are no longer paying for the unusable centre core of the roll.

The RENN Roller Mill design ensures operator efficiency and time-saving serviceability. The RENN worm drive roll adjustment allows for easy roll gap adjusting while the RENN leaf spring holds the rolls in place for maximum rolling capacity. The rolls can be pulled for service in minutes due to RENN’s tip-up top hopper and split frame design, making it fast and easy to re-groove and re-install them, for thousands more tonnes of trouble-free rolling.

RENN Roller Mill Features

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elevator discharge mill or crimper millElevator Discharge Mill / Crimper Mill

The optional RENN 40% Differential Drive has idler and driver rolls positively driven at two different speeds for optimal particle reduction or high moisture rolling. It is also self-cleaning to prevent plugging. RENN Roller Mills are available in PTO powered trailer or Electric Stationary models, and offer various input, power, and discharge options. PTO models have a minimum power requirement of 15 to 120 horsepower, while Electric Stationary units operate with a minimum power requirement of 5 to 50 horsepower.

Discharge Systems

  • Auger Discharge
    Built for operator efficiency and serviceability, it comes in 7”, 8”, 10” and 12” diameter sizes and is available in most RMC models.
  • Elevator Discharge/Crimper
    With exceptional capacity in extreme high moisture rolling conditions, the unit is 8” wide X 10’ high and is available in most RMC models.
  • Blower Discharge
    RENN offers the industry’s largest and heaviest unit with a high-capacity 59” diameter, 8 blade blower that is available in most RMC models.
  • Conveyor Discharge
    Designed to process large volumes of high moisture grains quickly, the 18” wide conveyor is available with RMC 36” and 48” models. Our 24” wide conveyor is available with RMC 36” and 48” tandem models.

Roller Mill Specifications and Configurations

RENN Roller Mill Model Roll WxD (in.) Shaft Dia. (in.) Min. Elec. HP Min. (PTO) HP PTO Std.* Auger Discharge Elevator Discharge Blower Discharge Conveyor Discharge Hyd. Feed Auger Differential Roll Speed **
RMC 60T Two 60x16 3 7/16 N/A 200 1000 N/A N/A N/A 36" N/A 2x 16cc Belt
RMC 60 60x 16 3 15/16 N/A 120 1000 14" N/A N/A 24" 12" 2x 8cc belt
3x 48
215/16 N/A 210 1000 N/A N/A N/A 36" N/A N/A
Two 48x16 215/16 N/A 180 540/1000 N/A N/A N/A 36" N/A 2x 16cc belt
48x16 215/16 N/A 110 540/1000 12" or 14" 8" x 10' N/A 18" 12" 2x 8cc belt
36x16 215/16 N/A 95 540/1000 10" or 12" 8" x 10' 59" dia. N/A 10" or 12" 12cc belt
24x16 115/16 20 60 540 7" or 10" 8" x 10' 59" dia. N/A 6" or 8" 8cc belt
12x16 115/16 10 30 540 7" or 8" N/A N/A N/A 6" or 8" 3bb belt
123/4x12 115/16 10 N/A N/A 7" N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

* PTO speeds can vary with rolling requirements (contact factory for details)
** Power requirement increases by 50% for differential drive units.

Maximum Rated Grain Capacity

Model Barley Corn Oats Wheat
t/hr bu/hr t/hr bu/hr t/hr bu/hr t/hr bu/hr
RMC 60T 64 3000 334 12500 42 2500 136 5000
RMC 60 32 1500 167 6250 21 1250 68 2500
RMC 3x 48 88 3600 402 15000 53 3000 162 6000
RMC 48T 52 2400 268 10000 36 2000 108 4000
RMC 48 26 1200 134 5000 17 1000 54 2000
RMC 36 19.5 900 101 3750 12.9 750 40.8 1500
RMC 24 13 600 67 2500 8.6 500 27.2 1000
RMC 12 6.5 300 33.5 1250 4.3 250 13.6 500
RMC 12S 4.9 225 25.1 935 3.2 185 10.2 375

Capacity will change with moisture, roll configuration, and particle size desired.

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Electric Roller Mills


Auger Discharge Mill


Blower Discharge Mill


Conveyor Discharge Mill

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